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Contract Language

Conversion pf PTR and PTF

Creating and Posting NTFT Duty Assignments 8-23-11

Creating and Posting NTFT Duty Assignments Kessler Taff

DA Codes for New NTFT Positions

Delivery SSDA Final

e 1994 Request USPS Conversion NTFT

Everything NTFT

Function 1 Demonstrations 2011

Function 1 Desirable Duty Assignments

Function 1 Instructions Worksheet for Schedules

Function 4 Demonstrations

Function 4 Desirable Duty Assignments

Function 4 Instructions Worksheet for Schedules

Local Negotiations NTFT issues

Matrix APWU Handout 2011

Matrix Examples of Schedules

Matrix PP Function 1 and 4 PP


New Conversions NTFT

New Conversion and NTFT (revised)

New Conversion and NTFT Kessler TAff

New Conversions and NTFT 8-23-11

NTFT Assignments APWU article Cannot exceed

NTFT Assignments Q & A

NTFT Assignments (Strunk)

NTFT Clerk Craft Presentation October 2011

NTFT Clerk Craft Presentation October 2011 (3) Desirable Duty Assignments

NTFT Conversions 30 hours e mail Morris

NTFT Jobs Kessler Taff Oct 30  2011

NTFT Matrix (Strunk)

NTFT/PSE Workrule Strategies USPS

NTFT Rules and Desirable Assignements Clerk Craft Conference 2011

NTFT Schedules Consecutive Days Off

Problem with NTFT roll out process

Pre Posting Process for NTFT MOU 11 10 2011

Pre posting MOU NTFT email on RFI

PS Form 1994 Programable

Q & A August 29 2011

Q & A June 28, 2011

Q & A October 6, 2011

Q & A October 20, 2011

Revised working full time employees outside of the NTFT schedule

Rules and Desirable assignments 2011  PP

Step 4 Denial of retreat rights 2011

Step 4 NTFT 6 Day Work Week in Function 4 Strunk

Step 4 Unencumbered Unassigned 2011

Strunk Letter/CD September 2011

     NTFT Letter Strunk 9 15 2011

    APWU Matrix Power Point

     APWU Proposed Schedule Calculation Tour 1 Data Collection

     APWU Proposed Schedule Calculation Tour 1 Shift Schedule

     APWU Proposed Schedule Calcualtion Tour 1 Weekly Schedule

      APWU Proposed Schedule Calculation Tour 2 Data Collection

      APWU Proposed Schedule Calculation Tour 2 Shift Schedule

      APWU Proposed Schedule Calculation Tour 2 Weekly Schedule

      APWU Proposed Schedule Calculation Tour 3 Data Collection

      APWU Proposed Schedule Calcultion Tour 3 Shift Schedule

      APWU Proposed Schedule Calculation Tour 3 Weekly Schedule

     CSAW Wk 1 West Seneca

     CSAW Wk 2 West Seneca

      CSAW Wk 3 West Seneca

      CSAW Wk 4 West Seneca

     CSV Clerk

     CSV Facility

     CSV LDC 48

     Customer Service Variance

     Customer Svc Adjustment Workhours

     Examples of Schedules

     F 4 Schedule Step 1

     F 4 Schedule Step 1 Example

     F 4 Schedule Step 2

     F 4 Schedule Step 2 Example

     F 4 Schedule Step 3

     F 4 Schedule Step 3 Example

     F 4 Schedule Step 4

     F 4 Schedule Step 4 Example

     F 4 Schedule Step 5

     F 4 Schedule Step 5A

     F 4 Schedule Step 6

     F 4 Schedule Step 6 Example

     Function 1 worksheet for schedule

     Function 4 Handouts

     Function 4 worksheet fpr schedule

     Info from Steward or Clerk

     IOP Agreement

     NTFT Schedule F4 Blank

     Programable 1994

     RFI F 1 Per Tour Per Day

     RFI F 4 CSAW

     RFI F 4 CSV

     West Seneca Monday PS form 1994

Time Keeping    

Time Keeping Q & A

USPS Power Point

Working Full time NTFT Schedules (Kessler/Taff)

Working NTFT outside of Schedule Kessler TAff

USPS Identifies First 100 Sites
To Utilize Non-Traditional Assignments

APWU Web News Article 081-2011, July 28, 2011

The Postal Service has provided the APWU with a list of the first 100 mail processing sites that will utilize Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignments [PDF], as well as computer models showing proposed schedules for three of the sites: the Boston Processing and Distribution Center, the Central Mass P&DC, and the Delaware P&DC.

Officers of the locals that represent the three facilities reviewed the plans with Clerk Division officers and others on July 26, 2011, at the union’s national headquarters. “The local officers provided valuable input,” said Clerk Craft Director Rob Strunk. “We will discuss their concerns with postal management at a meeting later in the week.”

The Postal Service also is expected to provide the APWU with model schedules for the remaining 97 identified offices at the meeting. All 100 proposed mail processing NTFT models are set to be released to local management on or about Aug. 2.

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, local management is required to meet with the local union and provide an opportunity to review the proposed schedules, as well as an opportunity to offer input, propose suggestions, and/or offer alternative schedules before any of the assignments can be posted for bid.

The computer models were developed by a private contractor and, while most of the schedules reflected either eight or 10 hours days, they will require significant adjustments in order to comply with the posting and bidding requirements in Article 37 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and in each office’s Local Memorandum of Understanding, Strunk said.

A list of sites and models for Customer Services (frequently referred to as “matrices” or USPS Form 1994), have not yet been shared with the union, but are expected shortly. When they are provided, the union will share the information with affected locals.

Locals are encouraged to review all proposals carefully and to work with management to fulfill the requirement of Article 37.3.A.1 to “create desirable duty assignments from all available work hours for career employees to bid.”

If concerns or disputes about proposed NTFT schedules arise, they will be referred to the appropriate Clerk Craft National Business Agent for timely processing through the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Post Plan and Consolidations

Maintenance Staffing Post Plan 2014

Post Net Pecking order October 2014

2015 MOU Post Plan ADRP - clerk craft

ADRP Appeal form

Consolidation Schedule Summer 2012

Post Plan FAQs June 1, 2012

Post Plan FAQs June 8 2012

Post Plan - League May 2012

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