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Jan 28, 2010


AFL-CIO Working Familes Toolbox

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting




University of Iowa Labor Center - Iowa State Labor Press Association


Nov 29, 2011





Communicating with members during elections

Counting Words PPA

Internal Union Elections PPA

Internal Union Elections Publication and Web Sites

Union Election Quiz - PPA

Union Publications and LMRDA


10 Points 

Blue Print for Responsible Journalism - Fairness PPA

Building the Union

Communication Tools

Designing and Distributing Leaflets and Newsletters

Editorial Column - PPA Resource Book


Editorial Policies

Editorial Policies - Samples PPA

Elements of Newsletter

Fairness - Responsible Journalism

How to Make a Leaflet

Interviewing 101 PPA

Interviewing Tips

It's Your Union Paper - Johnson

Key Resources for Union Editors

Key Resources and Information Source for leaflets and Newsletters

Microsoft Publisher

No Clue what to do - New Editors Guide - Coles

Pitch your story by phone

Press Releases Press Conferences

Resources for Labor Editors

Quick and Easy Design Techniques

Solidarity In Action (U of I)

Tool Kit - AFL-CIO

Your Local Union Newsletter

Your Local Union Newsletter 1

Your Local Union Newsletter Building Solidarity and Political Awareness


Guidelines for Headlines




Copyright Fact Sheet PPA

Copyright fact sheet 2010

General Guidelines - Libel and Invasion of Privacy

Internal Union Elections

Invasion of Privacy

Legal Rights protecting workers communication

Libel Fact Sheet

Libel fact sheet 2010

What you can Say - Libel Law

Your Web Site and the Law


Brainstorming on Media - message and strategy

Broadcast Inerview Tips

Crisis Communication

Getting the Word Out - Press Releases and Press Conferences

Guide to Social Media

Introduction to Email Campaign for Unions

Key Resources for Union Editors

Media Advisories and Medial Releases

Media Alert Elements

Media Option Checklist

Media Strategy Checklist

News Media wants stories

Press Conference Checklist

Public Speaking for Union Leaders

Public Service Campaign Communication Tips

Social Media for Unions

Taking Control of your Media Image

Talking with Reporters

Tips for Public Speaking

Tips for Radio - Talk Show Interviews

Sample Media Release

Why Media - Why Communication


Basic Photography - Coles


 Additional Web Resources

Facebook Campaigne

Key Resources for Union Web Designers

Local Union Web Sites and E-Mail Lists

On line Activism

Precaution - Management is on line too!

 Unions and Technology

Web Sites

Web Site Info

Why Launch a Local Union Website

Your Web Site and the Law


30 Tools for Writers


Editing - what is it

Feature Stories

How to be Clear

How to Write Gooder - University of Iowa Labor Center

How to Write More Godder 2009 U of I

Leads - Check list for writing

Lead - elements of a good lead

Opinion - Editorial Writing

Tips on Dramatic Reading

What to Write About

Writing for the Union Newsletter

Writing re-writing and editing

Writing Sound Bits and Quotes

Writing Tips for News Stories

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