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Excessing/Lay Offs
Updated On: Mar 27, 2009

The APWU has a booklet on your rights when you are excessed.

Check it out here!


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USPS Financial Difficulties
And the Possibility of Layoffs

Burrus Update #12-08, Oct. 3, 2008

There has been significant interest in my Sept. 30 Update for union members, which discussed the Postal Service’s bleak financial situation and the presidential election: Interest has been especially high about the reference to the possibility of layoffs – for the first time in postal history.

Let me be clear: The possibility that the Postal Service may exercise its authority to layoff career employees is real, but it would affect very few APWU-represented employees. The 2006-2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement guarantees that each employee who is employed in the regular work force as of Nov. 20, 2006, “shall be protected henceforth against any involuntary layoff or force reduction during the term of this Agreement.

The agreement also provides that “upon completion of six years of continuous service in their regular workforce” APWU-represented employees are protected against any involuntary layoff or force reduction “during any period of employment in the regular work force with the United States Postal Service or successor organization in his or her lifetime.” To receive credit for the year, an employee must have worked at least one hour (or received a call-in guarantee in lieu of work) in at least 20 of the 26 pay periods during that anniversary year.

APWU-represented employees who meet the criteria listed above are protected for the life of the 2006-2010 National Agreement or for their lifetime, and are not threatened by layoffs resulting from the significant decline in mail volume or the USPS financial difficulties.

If the Postal Service’s offer of early retirement fails to reduce the workforce commensurate with USPS budgetary problems, the Postal Service will have a continuing need to reduce the number of employees. I expect that non-protected employees will be exposed to the possibility of layoff.

During a meeting between Postmaster General John E. Potter and the union presidents last month, he reported that 16,000 postal employees lack protection against layoffs. Members of the Mail Handlers Union and the APWU have the protections described above.

The threat of layoffs is just one of the factors mentioned in my previous Update, which informed union members that the November elections have great significance for postal employees and are much more personal than abortion, guns, gay marriage and terrorism. This time it is about your job.

William Burrus



2006, and who has not acquired the2010, and may not be

protection provided under Article 6 shall be protected

henceforth against any involuntary layoff or force reduction

during the term of this Agreement. It is the intent of this

Memorandum of Understanding to provide job security to

each such employee during the term of this Agreement;

however, in the event Congress repeals or significantly

relaxes the Private Express Statutes this Memorandum shall

expire upon the enactment of such legislation. In addition,

nothing in this Memorandum of Understanding shall

diminish the rights of any bargaining-unit employees under

Article 6.

Since this Memorandum of Understanding is being entered

into on a nonprecedential basis, it shall terminate for all

purposes at midnight, November 20,

cited or used in any subsequent dispute resolution


* * *







Re: Layoff Protection


Each employee who is employed in the regular work force as

of November 20,

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