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April 05, 2020
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Updated On: Aug 19, 2009


 Electronic Official Personnel Folder Access

Several months ago all of our Official Personnel Folders (OPFs) were sent to a contracted scanning source and are now available for employees to view from home via LiteBlue - eOPF Employee Self  They cannot be accessed from a Postal Computer.

You may view and print documents in your electronic Official Personnel Folder. You will need your Employee Identification Number and your USPS Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access this system. If you've forgotten your PIN, dial 877-477-3273. Follow the steps and your USPS PIN number will be mailed to your address of record or request it via PostalEASE.

With the shift of personnel work out of local and district offices into the centralized Human Resources Shared Services center, more and more matters for Postal Service employees must be handled electronically, over the internet (or intranet from inside the Postal Service computing environment).  Employees interested in reviewing their own Official Personnel Folder (OPF) are now required to view it in electronic format, not in hardcopy.

Everyone should be aware that there are times when material in the OPF is incorrect, outdated or incomplete and that the individual employee has certain rights to assure that the OPF information is correct and up to date.  The Postal Service recently issued a form for the purpose of assisting employees in obtaining corrections to the OPF -- or eOPF in the new terminology.  This is the PS Form 8043.  It allows the individual employee to request amendments, for specific reasons, to be made to his or her eOPF.  Please see the attached file for a copy of this form. (NBA's)


PS Form 8043 to amend an eOPF

eOPF Frequently Asked Questions


What is an eOPF?
The Official Personnel Folder, or OPF, documents the employment history of individuals employed by the federal government. An OPF is established and maintained for each Postal Service employee regardless of appointment type or duration. Official Personnel Folders for active employees were converted from paper to electronic Official Personnel Folders (eOPFs) in 2008, and the eOPF became the official record. You can easily access, view and/or print documents from your eOPF from your home computer.

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Is my eOPF Secure?
Yes! Your eOPF can only be accessed by a limited number of Postal professionals who have a business need for your eOPF information (for example, HR Specialists in the Human Resources Shared Services Center who process service credit paperwork, benefits-related transactions, and selections and placements for postal positions). Your eOPF is encrypted over communication lines and stored in a secure enclave, which means it is safe and only visible on your computer and the workstations of authorized employees.

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Who has access to my eOPF?
Your eOPF can only be accessed by you (from LiteBlue with your Employee Identification Number and Personal Identity Number), and by Postal professionals in the course of their official duties with a need to know. For example, an HR professional may access your eOPF to process a transaction, like a bid or promotion or a benefit change.

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What is appropriate documentation for my eOPF?
OPF documents include personnel actions on PS Forms 50, appointment-related records like your application for employment, payroll records, benefits records like health and life insurance elections or changes, service credit records, discipline (if any), and "other" documents including records documenting civilian service in other agencies (if any). You can view a table of USPS OPF documents by clicking here.

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What if I want to add something to my eOPF?
Generally the documents that are included in your eOPF are placed there by HR professionals. If you want to add a document, for example, a DD214 to document recently-completed active duty military service or an official letter from the Veterans Administration supporting your claim for veterans' preference, make your request in writing on PS Form 8043, attach the document, and mail or deliver it to your district personnel HR Generalist. The HR Generalist will review to ensure it is an appropriate eOPF document (click here to view a table of USPS OPF documents) and if so, have it added. This may take 60-90 days.

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What if I want to remove something from my eOPF?
If you want to remove a document from your eOPF, make your request in writing on PS Form 8043, specifying exactly what document(s) you request be removed, and mail or deliver it to your district personnel HR Generalist. Note: Discipline can only be removed in accordance with collective bargaining agreements. Also, documents placed in your OPF by another agency cannot be removed.

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Something is wrong with a document in my eOPF and I need it amended - how can I get it fixed?
If you believe you need to amend a document in your eOPF, make your request in writing on PS Form 8043, specifying exactly the items and document(s) you want amended, and mail or deliver it to your district personnel HR Generalist. Note: Documents generated by another agency employer cannot necessarily be amended by the USPS without special authority to do so.

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I want a copy of my eOPF - how can I get one?
You can open and print any or all the documents in your eOPF. Just click on the document links to open each document and click the Print button. If you want the entire eOPF and would rather not print the documents yourself, you may request a copy of your eOPF. The first 100 pages are provided at no charge, and there is a 15 cent charge for each additional page. Make your request in writing and mail or deliver it to your district personnel HR Generalist. Your eOPF copy will be sent to you at your address of record.

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I need a copy of selected documents from my eOPF - how can I get them?
You can open and print any or all the documents in your eOPF. Just click on the document link to open the desired document and click the Print button.

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Why are some of my eOPF documents dated 1/1/1900?
When your OPF was converted from paper to electronic format, each document was indexed in a way to make retrieval easier for you. Documents that had no dates were indexed with the special 1/1/1900 date.

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Why are some of the documents called "other"?
When your OPF was converted from paper to electronic format, each document was indexed in a way to make retrieval easier for you. Documents identified as "other" do not match the master list of recognized OPF documents used by federal agencies, including the Postal Service.

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It seems like my OPF used to contain additional records. Were some purged?
Some records may have been removed in preparation for scanning the OPF. For example, medical and injury/illness-related records (if any) (e.g., the results of your preemployment medical assessment and reports of injury or illness) were purged to the extent they could be identified systematically. If you find medical records in your eOPF, you may request that they be removed. Make your request in writing on PS Form 8043, specifying exactly what document(s) you request be removed, and mail or deliver it to your district personnel HR Generalist.

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The following tables describe documents authorized for filing in the electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF). The tables are placed in alphabetical order by document category, such as "administrative." Within each category, specific documents are listed. The documents and forms listed are illustrative, but not all-inclusive. Some of the forms listed are obsolete. The obsolete forms must be retained in the OPF because they were in use when retention and disposal authority was approved.

Table A - Administrative





Transcript of service showing appointments and position or salary changes created to reconstruct an employee's history when the OPF was lost or destroyed.

See 121.3.


Form 6100A, OPF Disclosure Accounting Form

Also file any statement of disagreement with denial of Privacy Act request to amend OPF record beneath the subject record.

Note: Form 6100-B, OPF Disclosure Accounting Form (used in documenting disclosures to law enforcement officials) should not be filed in the OPF.

Form 316, USPS Records Information Request


Form 1653, Postmaster Relief/ Leave Replacement Employment Data


Training Record

Form 2548, Individual Training Record

Training retains the form at one central location determined by the training supervisor or manager. Upon an employee's assignment to another installation, Form 2548 is forwarded to the personnel office for inclusion in the employee's official personnel file (OPF) for transfer to the receiving office.

Rural Route Description

Form 1734, Record of Training (obsolete)


Form 4003, Official Rural Route Description


Table B -Appointment Support





Form 2591, Application for Employment

Form 2591-A, Personal History Questionnaire (obsolete)

Form 2591-C, Application for Former Casual (Non-Career) Employment Eligibility

SF 171, Application for Federal Employment, and continuation sheets.

File when supporting a Form 50.

Include Certification letter from State Employment Office for referral for a casual vacancy (see EL-312, 234.66).

Review attachments to ensure that they are authorized for inclusion in the OPF; remove all prohibited documents.

Dual Compensation Waiver

Dual compensation waiver statement, approval of waiver, and annuitant notification letter.

Applies only to Postal Service annuitants who are hired to fill temporary relief carrier (TRC) or postmaster relief/leave replacement (PMR/LR) positions and for whom a dual compensation waiver has been approved. See Handbook EL-312, Appendix D-1.

Drug Screening Qualification

Drug Screening - Personnel Notification Form.


Selective Service Registration

Form 2591A, Applicant's Statement of Selective Service Registration Status (Obsolete)

Selective Service registration is now certified on Form 61, Appointment Affidavit.

Release of Information

Form 2181A, Authorization and Release for Pre-Employment Screening

Form 2181X, Authorization and Release for Pre-Employment Screening

Preemployment screening supplements to application for employment may be included.

Right to Work

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification


Evidence of Date of Birth

Certified birth certificate.

Or any other certified record of birth when needed to verify that the DOB is correct.


Verification of selection from Register of Eligibles.

Hiring Worksheet information is documented on the Form 50 using either free-form remarks, or Standard Remark Code 525.

Form 5912-A, Alphabetical Register Card

Eligible rating only - issued as the result of an in-service exam.

Military Service/Veterans Preference

SF 15, Aplication for 10-Point Veterance Perference

Includes any supporting documentation accepted as proof or verification used in determining veterans' preference.

DD 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty



Falsification and Postal Crime Affidavit.


SF 85, Non-Sensitive Security Clearance (Obsolete)


SF 86, Security Investigation Data for Sensitive Position

This is not the same as the Form 86C used for OPM Special Agency Checks (SACs).

SF 85A, National Agency Check

Data for nonsensiive or noncritical-sensitive position.

Form 61, Appointment Affidavit (Obsolete)


POD 61, Appointment Affidavit (Obsolete)


POD 62, Appointment Affidavit (Obsolete)


Written waiver from contracting officer indicating that circumstances allow an applicant awarded a contract to be hired as an employee


Form 2013, Security Clearance Processing Request


Form 8139, Your Role in Protecting the Security of the United States Mail.

"Sanctity of the Mail" - requires employee's signature.

Table C - Compensation and Benefits





Form 1150 or SF 1150, Record of Leave Data


Health Benefits

SF 2809, Health Benefits Registration Form

Includes any authorized attachments:

- Court or Administrative Order.

- Certificate/Statement of foster child status.

- Statement supporting late registration.
- Medical documentation used in self-support determination for child 22 years of age or over.


Note: Medical documentation should be placed in a sealed envelope before being attached to enrollment forms.

All forms, current and previous, are retained for retirement records.

SF 2810, Notice of Change in Health Benefits Enrollment, and Memorandum About FEHB Enrollment, transferring enrollment.

All forms, current and previous, are retained for retirement records.

Form 3111, Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Coverage or Termination While in Leave Without Pay (LWOP) Status


Form 8201, Pre-Tax Health Insurance Premium Election/Waiver


Form 8202, Pre-Tax Health Insurance Premium Election/Waiver for Noncareer Employees


FEHB PostalEase Worksheet.


FEHB Military Worksheet.

Initiate when an employee goes on military LWOP. You will not have the information to complete the worksheet until the employee returns to pay status and provides copies of orders. A new worksheet is required for each military activation.

Form 202, Health Benefit Refund Payment Authorization


Life Insurance

SF 2817, Life Insurance Election (FEGLI)

All forms current and previous (including SF 176 and 176-T, Life Insurance Coverage) are retained for retirement records.

SF 2818, Continuation of Life Insurance Coverage as a Retiree or Compensationer

Used for long-term OWCP LWOP. All forms current and previous are retained for retirement records.

SF 2819, Notice of Conversion Privilege (FEGLI)

All forms current and previous are retained for retirement records.

SF 2821, Agency Certification of Insurance Status

All forms current and previous are retained for retirement records.

SF 2822, Request for Life Insuranc


SF 2823, Designation of Beneficiary (FEGLI)

All forms current and previous (including SF 54) are retained for retirement records.

RI 76-10, Assignment of FEGLI

File with SF2817, Life Insurance Election.

RI 76-27, FEGLI '99 Open Enrollment Period Election Form

Thrift Savings Plan

TSP 1, Thrift Savings Plan Election Form


TSP 19, Transfer of Thrift Savings Plan Information Between Agencies


PostalEase TSP Worksheet.

When used for exception processing.

Form 6886, TSP Request for Retroactive Contributions




RI 20-97, Estimated Earnings during Military Service


RI 36-18, OPM Statement of Service Credit Payment


OPM Form 1514, Military Deposit Worksheet

Generated by payroll showing zero balance.

OPM Form 1515, Military Service Deposit Election


OPM Form 1555, FERS Election of Coverage


SF 144/Form 144, Statement of Prior Federal Civilian and Military Service

Any material accepted as proof or verification of service that is creditable for leave may be attached.

SF 813, Verification of a Military Retiree's Service in Nonwartime Campaigns or Expeditions

All forms current and previous are retained for retirement records.

SF 2803, Application to Make Deposit or Redeposit - CSRS


SF 2804, Application to Make Voluntary Contributions


Form 2805, Military Deposit Worksheet

Including related materials.

SF 2815, Employee Service Statement (Obsolete)


SF 3102, Designation of Beneficiary (FERS)


SF 3106, Application for Refund of Retirement Deducations (FERS)


SF 3108, Application to Make Deposit or Redeposit - FERS


SF 3109, Election of Coverage (FERS)

Previous version was SF 1555.

SF 3110, Former Spouse's Consent to FERS Election (FERS)


SF 3111, Request for Waiver, Extension, or Search in Connection with Election of FERS Coverage (FERS)


Notice of Approval of Disability Retirement Application.

Including previous versions of this notice.

National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) Transcript of Service

Other records and documents provided by the NPRC for OPF storage should also be considered permanent records.

FAX Request for Employee Retirement Contribution Information -Attachment D of Compensation Letter.

OPM verification of funds.

Worksheet for Determining Retirement Plan Code and Retirement Computation Date (RCD) for Career Employees with Civilian Service Prior to 1984.


RTR Employee Detail Report.


Verification of Retirement Contributions.


Notification of Earnings for Medicare Eligibility.


NARECS Annuity Estimate.

Final estimate for retirement.

Death/Unpaid Compensation

FE 6, Claim for Death Benefits

SF 2800, Application for Death Benefits

Copy of death certificate or notice and related forms may be filed as permanent records.

SF 1152, Designation of Beneficiary - Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee

When changed or updated by the employee, the SF 1152 being replaced is removed from the OPF and either returned to the employee or destroyed.

SF 1153, Claim for Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee







Income Tax Withholding

IRS W4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

IRS W4A, Employee's Withholding Certificate

IRS W4P, Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments

IRS W15, State Withholding Tax Exemption Certificate

Form 4, Employee's City or County Withholding Certificate

Form 1198, Request for State Income Tax Withholding

The original form must be kept on file as a permanent record. IRS regulations require that the most current withholding exemption certificates be kept on file until superceded by a later change. The superseded (old) certificate must then be retained for four years from the date the current form was filed.

Terminal Leave Worksheet

Form 2246, Terminal Leave Worksheet



Suggestion Award.


Copies of official letters and certificates related to receipt of awards including, but not limited to, Quality Step Increase, Incentive Award, Spot Award, and Special Achievement Award.


Copies of official letters recognizing length of service and retirement, letters of appreciation and commendations for performance.



Form 178, Specific Travel Order and Relocation Agreement



Employee election to continue to pay the full cost of benefits while on approved LWOP to serve in an employee organization.


Form 1303, Salary Change Notice (obsolete)


COLA Roll In Notices/Statements


Pay transcripts.

Including payroll records search requests.

Letter from Accounting Service Center and related documentation regarding Children's Equity Act of 2000.


Documentation of the application of grade or pay retention including copy of a letter to employee describing the circumstances warranting the retention and nature of the entitlement.


Union Dues

Form 1186, Cancellation of APWU Dues from Payroll Withholdings

Form 1187, Request for Payroll Deduction for Labor Organization Dues

Form 1188, Cancellation of Organization Dues from Payroll Withholdings


Court Orders

Court Orders affecting employee status or pay.

This does not include garnishment records.


Table E - Personnel Actions




Personnel Action

PS Form 50 and SF 50, Notifica-tion of Personnel Action

SF 50-A, Notice of Short Term Employment (obsolete)

Report R0955, Salary and Placement Service History

File the OPF copy on the right side of the OPF. Documents supporting the personnel action should be filed immediately below the applicable Form 50.


Form 222, Statement for Postmasters and Officers in Charge

Mass transfer lists.

If a document is filed in an employee's OPF listing the names and social security numbers (SSNs) of other employees, the document must be altered to eliminate the names, SSNs, and any other personal identifying information.


Record of qualification on in-service examination.

Form 5912-A, Alphabetical Register Card (eligible rating only), and other records of qualification issued as the result of an in-service examination, are considered permanent records and must be filed on the right side of the OPF.


Form 2574, Resignation from the Postal Service

Includes letter of resignation submitted by the employee or, if oral resignation, supervisor's notice,.

Form 337, Clearance Record for Separated Employee, or equivalent


RIF Notice

Reduction In Force Notice.


The following table provides a partial list of the types of temporary documents authorized for filing in the eOPF. Temporary documents are generally valid for two years unless otherwise specified below.




Personnel Action

SF 52, Request for Personnel Action


SF 127, Request for Official Personnel Folder


Form 1216, Employee's Current Mailing Address


Form 1750, Employee Probationary Period Evaluation Report


Form 2444, Agreement to Remain in the Postal Service

Or other continued service agreements.

TSP 41, Notification to TSP of Nonpay Status

7-year retention period.

Form 3074, Request for Waiver of Claim for Erroneous Payment of Pay


Form 8200, Flexible Spending Account Enrollment Form


Unofficial Commendations

Customer comment cards, letters, or notes.



Disciplinary notice or decision letter.

Except as otherwise provided in an applicable collective bargaining agreement:
- Retain in OPF for a period of 2 calendar years unless otherwise resolved or cited in subsequent disciplinary action.
- Remove any disciplinary notice or decision letter, upon the employee's written request, from the employee's OPF after 2 years (if there has been no disciplinary action initiated against the employee in that 2-year period).

Employee Self-Service Exception Processing

PostalEASE/FSA Worksheet .

7-year retention period from date of employee signature.

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WH 380E - Employee serious health condition

WH 380F - Family member health condition

WH 381 - Notice of Eligibility, Rights and Responsibilities

WH 382 - Designation Notice

WH 384 - Certification of qualification - military leave

WH 385 - Certification for serious illness or injury - military leave 


Form 1 - Certification by Employee's Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Illness.

 Form 2 - Health Care Provider Certification of Employee's Family Member Serious Illness.

Form 3 - Certificate by Employee of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave.

Form 4 - Certification by Service member's Health Care Provider for Caregiver Military Family Leave.



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